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Positive & Motivational Quotes

Welcome to The Good Quote🌻 Creating picture quotes since March 2011. We post everything GOOD #thegoodquote ✉️ promo[O_O] ✨ London 🇬🇧

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How does your intuition communicate with you? Does she politely interrupt your train of thought by clouding your vision temporarily with cut-throat hypothetical scenarios of the consequences if you choose to ignore her? Or does she scream loud enough for your heart to react and skip a beat? Like an electric shot through your system, as a means to force you to stop in your tracks? Tell me, does she simply remain silent and instead intertwine her fingers through your gut like guitar strings and clench into a fist, causing you to have a string of an untimely collection of butterflies anytime you subconsciously drift into thoughts of danger unknowingly to yourself and the situation? Do you ever contemplate why she tries so hard? She’s prone to relax but recently she’s become sensitive to the unfamiliar vibrations of your current environment. She’s only trying to protect you. Listen. . . Written by @roxannesvibe Illustration by @sevelletheartist #thegoodquote #quote #inspirationalquotes 🌻

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